The NEURINOX Graphic Novel “Out of the blue”

An innovative way to facilitate understanding neurodegenerative diseases

Press release

Geneva, 16 September 2016

What is it like for patients diagnosed with epilepsy or multiple sclerosis not being able to live the life they want? Or when they try to do so, what kind of obstacles do they have to face ? What are possible treatments ? How is research progressing?

These are the questions that the research project NEURINOX has tried to illustrate by publishing an easy-to-read Graphic Novel called “Out of the blue”. The Graphic Novel, which has been published online today on the Neurinox website, will be issued in printing and distributed through the NEURINOX consortium network to reach patients and relatives of above-mentioned diseases. With the help of a script and an illustrator, the NEURINOX scientists have tried to elucidate certain aspects of living with epilepsy or multiple sclerosis with different characters, some of which based on real-life patients. The story is complemented by a lecture given by a scientist to high school students on the complexity of these neurodegenerative diseases enlarging them to parkinson, alzheimer and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Since the graphic novel is addressed to adolescents and adults, the lecture is given in layman language with examples of world famous personalities who have or are suffering of these diseases and metaphors to highlight the NEURINOX Consortium research and their results. The high school lecture is also available on the Neurinox website, teachers and science communicators are welcome to use the material.

This graphic novel is a knowledge dissemination initiative of NEURINOX, a 5-year FP7 European research consortium conducting biomedical research on neurodegenerative diseases till end of 2016.

We wanted to create a dissemination support about our research which would be easy-to-read and attractive to the large public, says Karl-Heinz Krause, the NEURINOX Project Director. I think that with “Out of the Blue” , we have succeeded in doing so.

The project coordinated by the University of Geneva, with several SMEs, internationally renowned research groups and clinical institutions put together their different competencies for a common goal: understand the role of enzymes called NOX in neuroinflammation and evaluate their potential as drug targets for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

For more information about NEURINOX, please visit:

For any queries related to the NEURINOX project, please contact:
Dr Vincent Jaquet
NEURINOX Scientific Manager
University of Geneva

For queries related to the Graphic Novel, please contact:
Dominique Wasquel
NEURINOX Project Office Manager

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